Why is it necessary to carry a map while traveling?

 It does not matter whether you are going out only for a day’s hike in the countryside or you are trying to survive an apocalypse in the woods. There are certain travel essentials that every person should carry. These essential include whistles so that you can communicate with the other people, iodine or chlorine purifying the water, a fire starter and most importantly, a map and a compass. A map and the compass are considered to be a part of the similar tool. A map can show that a river is located in the south, but it cannot depict clearly what relationship the river has with the various landmarks. A correct map will be oriented towards the north, and the compass will help in lining the person up to the north, thereby providing the direction in the map.

Using the Map and the Compass together

The map of the world and the compass have to be used together to find the direction. A person needs to know exactly how he can use the map and the compass together. Without having any knowledge, it is not easy to use both these tools in synchronization. Listed below are how a person can use a map and a compass

  • A person has to prime his compass and adjust the declination. The magnetic north and the true north are not similar directions, and the magnetic north tends to change over the time. This is why a compass has to be placed in a proper manner depending on where the person wants to travel. The magnetic declination is considered to be the angle that is present in the true north and the trace between the actual magnetic field. Depending on the type of the compass, a person can adjust the declination in various ways
  • The person has to take the map out and place the compass along with a straight line on each other right or the left side of the world map. He should ensure that the travel arrow”s direction present on the magnetic compass, always points towards the map’s top.
  • The person now has to hold the compass and the map in a flat position and rotate the body so that he can align the magnetic needle with the arrow present on the map. In this manner, the person is now facing north, and he can start serving landscapes to understand his location.

Once a person understands how to use a map and compass together, it will be easier for him to travel anywhere he wants to.