Why Coos Bay Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

When you are searching for homes for sale in Coquille, Oregon, check out nearby Coos Bay for your next adventure. Coquille is the county seat of Coos County and is one of the seven cities within the county.

A trip to Coos County is not complete without a visit to Coos Bay to see the natural sites it has to offer. From the history museum to the many activities on the boardwalk, it’s a fun place to visit.

The Boardwalk at Coos Bay

Take a walk along the boardwalk and check out the incoming and outgoing ships or have dinner in a local cafe. It’s a nice place to unwind and look out on the ocean. Learn about some of the local history on your walk by reading the historical plaques within the gondola.

The Oregon Coast Historical Railway

If you love trains, a quick trip to the railway museum is a must see in Coos Bay. Learn more about the history of the railway system in the area and check out the display of retired train cars.

The Coos Art Museum

When you have a love of art, the Coos Art Museum offers a great selection of art work for you to enjoy. The museum has at least four new shows a year. It has a rather large inventory considering that the town is small, and they change out displays often so that you always have something new to see.

Visit the small town of Coos Bay and enjoy the views, check out the art displays and learn some history. Nearly fully protected by the bay, it’s a great place to go and unwind.