​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Travelling between Spain and France with high-speed trains

On the shores of Seine river, we find the majestic city of Paris. While visiting the capital and all its emblematic and historical corners we can feel the charm and romanticism that imbue this magical city. Among all the touristic spots of the City of Lights we find Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Notre-Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe.

Renfe and SNCF gather together their long experience to provide the best offer in order to connect important cities such as Paris (the largest population concentration in Europe), Barcelona and its surroundings (the 6th largest) or Madrid and its surroundings (the 4th one) with relevant places like Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Montpelier or Gerona. A total of 21 cities will be directly connected thanks to this service. In Paris, Renfe-SNCF trains will leave you some meters away from the Cathedral. Additionally, this point is perfectly connected by metro with any other interesting place of the Seine Capital.

From France, Renfe offers a train from Paris to Barcelona that takes you directly to Sants Train Station, which is one of the main train stations in Barcelona. In addition, from this terminal you can get to Madrid in just 3 hours. Renfe provides the most comfortable way to travel between Spain and France: from city center to city center! Thanks to the strategic location of those train stations, you will save money and time during your trip. The high-speed trains will take you to the most centric places of the cities.



High technology fleet

Renfe provides to travellers two modern trains: S-100 and Euroduplex. S-100 are fully restored trains with cosy and quality materials. They can host 347 passengers and they reach a speed of 300km/h when circulating. 10 of these trains travel through routes to Marseille and Lyon. Euroduplex trains are last generation double decker trains. They are the fastest trains in Europe, and they can travel through a European rail at 320 km/h. they travel to Paris and Toulouse.

Recently, SNCF have been investigating into autonomous trains. It is expected to launch a prototype for commercial trips in 2019, and another one for passengers in 2023. They also announced the purchase of more high-speed trains to add to their fleet because of the increase in the demand of this kind of trips.

It is important to note that passengers can calmly travel with their pets (10kg maximum and carried in pet carrier).