Tourist attractions and adventure tours in Venezuela

Come and enjoy adventure tours in Venezuela which will fill you with the most fascinating memories. Sights such as the Salto Ange, which is the largest free falling waterfall, and the Isla Margarita island pleasures dot your stay here. This wonderful town with its beautiful magnificence of the Andes is the greatest attractions here. The largest and highest cable car is also found here.

Venezuela meaning Little Venice got its name from Amerigo Vespucci who was a cartographer here. He found the Maracaribo stilt villages very similar to the ones that were found in Venice and named it thus.

Caracas is another lovely land to visit in this part of South America. This lovely land with its beautiful metropolis feel and lovely hospitality exudes a kind of warmth and charm that is irresistible. Come here and live in the most enthralling budget hotels and get the best travel sights in the is fascinating dreamland. See the El Centro, and then the Plaza Bolivar and also the Parque Central which give the tourist a great idea of the kind of place Caracas is. Then of course you have the bellas Artes district which is a land of culture and the Bulevar Sabana Grande which is famous for the boutiques and also the mouth watering restaurants. Come and enjoy the regions of Altamira and La Castellana and just get to know this part of Venezuela well.

Venezuela vacations are the most memorable ones and you would certainly love to see Latin America at its best here. Enjoy also the lovely wildlife experience that you get in the dense verdant forests. See the Angel Falls and see how this lovely water body forms its own paradise in this part of the Guiana Highlands. This is the major attraction here and has a mesmerizing landscape. Come here and enjoy the dense jungle, the grasslands, the mountains and the lovely rivers. Enjoy the jaguars and the ant eaters here and experience tropical wildlife at its best.

Then visit the Coro region which is incidentally also the first Venezuelan capital. This gives the best glimpses of the colonial architecture of the entire region.

The Merida is another lovely locale against the backdrop of the Andes Mountain and is a lovely place to visit in South America travels.

The Canaima national park is another verdant region with the Gran Sabana surroundings. The Bolivar State seems to come alive here and the sights of the most enchanting waterfalls and the beautiful day trips that also have the scenes of the blue cheeked parrot and the monkeys along with the porcupines and king vultures completes the adventure experience here .

Isla de Margarita is another place that is very much on the top of the Venezuela favorites and this is one place that the tourist never gets enough of.

Visit the Los Llanos where the bird watchers have a filed day. So see the wildcat, anaconda and the caiman and go back with a lot more to cherish.

The Caribbean Islands are another attraction here in this part of Venezuela and just get the best sights in the yacht charter that would take you around. Explore the deep blue sea with the clear waters and enjoy these island luxuries.

Then you have the Orinoco Delta to visit which is a place full of natural canals, mangroves, and the most beautiful rainforests. A perfect haven for all naturalists, this si a lovely region to be in.

With Valencia, Maracaribo and many such interesting places in tow, Venezuela is a sure treat for all tourists.