Top Tips and Tricks on Sailing in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world. Although no one really knows the correct number of islands in the area, they estimated to be around 2,400, all scattered about the stunning 590-mile archipelago. If you are planning for a Bahamas yacht vacation, the following tips and tricks will be handy.

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Consider off-season perks

The peak season is the winter, as people escape the cold weather further north in favor of the warm weather in the Bahamas. Planning for a Bahamas yacht vacation after this season would be ideal as the tour prices are normally discounted. The resorts will also be quieter and you could even be able to choose a diner without having to reserve a table. In addition, the beaches are mostly deserted so you have better use of the facilities.

Avoid buying beer in the Bahamas

Beer is quite costly in the Bahamas. Ensure that you bring along plenty of it to avoid buying from here. This is completely legal as long as you are 21 years of age.

Consider sailing to top destinations

Customize your sailing experience by enjoying the peace in uninhabited cays as well as the bustle in vivacious island towns. Some of the spots you shouldn’t miss include:
•    Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park – which is famous for its scenery especially below the water’s surface where you get to see the Sandy Cay Reef. You will also get a view of the flock of pelicans the park is named after, along with the region’s innate flora and fauna.
•    Man-O-War Cay – this is located in Abaco. It is one of the most exclusive, serene, and peaceful areas in the Bahamas. It is estimated to have only around 500 year-round residents. If you intend to stay in the area for some time, be prepared for a thorough and rigorous vetting process by the locals.
•    Hope Town – which is a minor settlement located on Elbow Cay. One of the factors that make this an ideal destination is that the primary means of transport are golf carts and bicycles. This is bound to offer you an intimate vacationing experience
•    Marsh harbor – which is the central point if you want to explore attractions in Great and Little Abaco. It boasts of the kind of view only visible in the coastal towns of Italy and Greece with multiple lines of yachts making their way into the city.

Did you know that sailing is beneficial to your emotional and psychological strength? With its overwhelming beauty and clearest water the world over, the Bahamas yacht vacation is bound to leave you with lasting memories.