Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Eastern Europe This Year

Eastern Europe may have a troubled past, but those days are long gone and you’ll be blown away by everything it has to offer. This part of the world is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations, especially with backpackers, weekend travelers, and those interested in exploring different cultures, from senior singles, couples with kids, college kids to solo travelers, and below you’ll find the top 5 reasons why.

#1: The People Will Sweep You off Your Feet

The greatest thing about all of Eastern Europe has to be the people that live there. They’re extremely warm and love to play host all the time. If you don’t know anybody there, you’ll experience this hospitality in hotels and restaurants, but if you get a chance to have dinner at someone’s house you’ll be blown away by their honest wish and effort to make everything perfect. Expect to gain 2-4 pounds a week on average so plan the length of your stay accordingly.

#2: The Scenery Will Take Your Breath Away

Every part of the world is beautiful in its own right, but what you’ll see in Eastern Europe is plenty of untouched natural beauty not yet spoiled by large developments. No matter which part of the year you pick, there will be things to do from skiing, snorkeling, hiking, spelunking, and canoeing and obviously all to good beer and freshly barbecued meat.

#3: The Food Will Make You Come Back for More

Speaking of meat, most Eastern European countries are big pork and chicken nations, you’ll find great fish along the Adriatic coast, and you won’t be disappointed if you prefer lamb. There are plenty of homegrown sorts of fruits and veggies, and you’ll get to taste great food literally picked from the farm the morning it is served to you. You’ll be amazed by mouthwatering street food as well, and you’ll appreciate that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

#4: The Pricing Will Turn You into a Huge EE Fan

If you’re coming from the West, you’ll be pleased to learn that prices of food, accommodation, eating out, sightseeing and anything else explorers might be interested in (except gasoline) are more than reasonable! Your money goes further in Eastern Europe, and you’ll get to enjoy everything it has to offer without breaking the bank. Unless you want to experience luxury, which does come with a hefty price tag, everything else will be pretty affordable.

#5: The Traditions Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Whether you’re in Slovakia, Serbia or Slovenia skip the Starbucks, McDonald’s and the bunch, and go explore traditional foods, drinks, customs, and thousands of years of history. Explore the walled cities that most towns on your radar take great pride in, buy fresh produce at a local farmer’s market, go for craft beer being made for hundreds of years using the same recipe, and enjoy another element of Eastern European culture that is quickly becoming part of tradition – the nightlife!