Art is the best storyteller in a culture. So if you have a knack of creativity and a passion for traveling and connecting with new people, then why not volunteer abroad and find inspiration in vibrant new cultures and share creative and artistic skills with aspiring locals.

As a volunteer for culture and arts, you can choose from a variety of projects focusing on handicrafts, performance arts, photography, videography, music, and whatnot. Volunteers can teach or take part in the hands-on creation of artwork by working with schools, youth programs, minority populations, or simply those that enjoy art, and life!

All you need is a basic skill set in any domain of arts and a passion to explore more and share what you got.

These initiatives are designed to inspire and allow locals with creative new skills. Arts and culture are the best means to bring people with diverse mindsets and backgrounds together, helping bring intellectual, emotional and psychological balance in a society.

Top 5 countries to volunteer abroad for arts and culture projects are,


India is a haven of diverse cultures, histories, and people, making itself a fascinating destination to volunteer abroad. Its local traditions, art, and architecture is a promising inspiration for artistic volunteers. Even with rapid economic growth, India faces great socio-economic problems that leave large groups of its population in underprivileged circumstances. Volunteer projects in India include teaching children and adults from underprivileged backgrounds and help bring hope in their lives by their artistic means. Volunteers for art and culture programs have a variety of programs to choose from performance arts to photography.


Venture into the heart of Inca Empire and explore a country with rich culture and lush rainforests. Peru is home to the spine-tingling, magical Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of World. Volunteers here can help resurrect traditional cultural Inca jewelry-making techniques at Cusco as a modern social initiative, help in the local museum in Huari or teach photography and creativity to underprivileged teenagers and a lot more.

Plus, volunteers get to explore ancient Andean trails, jungles, and beaches in this beautiful Central American country.


Stretched from the Amazon Basin in the north to the Iguazu Falls in the south, Brazil is the largest South American country. It has exciting opportunities for those volunteering abroad for arts and culture projects from carnivals, a great start that breaks all economic and social boundaries, having a flair of decorations and craft, to programs on mural painting and creative arts.


This stunning South African country is known for its hardworking people, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse wildlife. Having a refreshing aura for inspiration seeking people, Zimbabwe is the place to be for volunteers trying to make a difference and share their art.

Volunteers can help in the development of music education in disadvantaged schools, or those with a passion for creative and performing arts can teach drama, art or dance.

South Africa

South Africa is a land of diverse landscapes and vibrant multicultural cities. It is a must go for people seeking the most adventurous volunteer abroad programs. Art geeks can volunteer to teach arts and work with rural communities in projects like photography and various conservation community programs.

Arts and culture are an ingredient that finds any and everywhere but needs help in getting the courage to own it and the perseverance to hone it.

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