Top 4 Reasons to Visit an Escape Room while Traveling

The time when drinking and going to the movies were the only fun activities you can do on a Friday night has passed – nowadays, it’s all about excitement and interacting. Now you’re left with two options – find a date on a BBW singles website and take someone out for a date while traveling or go to an escape room.

It’s not just because they’re sort of new and everybody’s visiting them, but because they offer fun on more than one level. In that name, here are the top 4 reasons to visit an escape room while traveling.

  1. Atmosphere

For those of you who aren’t acquainted with the phenomenon, escape rooms are well-designed “trials” that require you to work in a team to go from one level to the other via solving various puzzles. It might sound a bit childish, but once you’ve tried it, we can guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Aside from doing some heavy thinking, working under pressure and cooperating with your friends, there’s always a storyline involved in each room. For example, a great escape room would feature a story focused around Hell’s Gate – a huge iron gate where a large number of Union soldiers were supposedly executed. It’s that combination of fun and scary that makes an escape room awesome.

  1. Imagination

While some escape rooms are equipped with numerous props, lighting effects and even live actors, some lower-budget ones are just not that good looking. However, this doesn’t stop you from using your imagination to augment your experience!

Doing an escape room allows you to immerse yourself in another world, time and place entirely. Remember when we said it might sound a tad childish? Well, this is where your inner child gets out the most because you only need to let your imagination run wild if you want to get the most out of any escape room.

  1. Teamwork

Like we’ve mentioned a couple of times already, one of the most important aspects of escape rooms is solving problems as part of a team. There aren’t any escape rooms out there that were designed for one person, and even if there are, that person would still have to work with the room master from time to time, in case they get stuck or need a hint.

Working together with your friends is one of the most fun parts of the process. Some of us are good at trivia; others excel at solving mathematical equations – no matter what you’re good at, your skills and knowledge will come in handy, as you’ll need others at some point.

  1. Room Masters

The room master is someone who helps your team here and there with a hint and helps narrate the escape room. Although you don’t necessarily need this person to solve the final puzzle and exit the room, your experience will be that much more awesome if the room master is a friendly guy or girl.

Once you finish your escape room, you’ll most likely be overwhelmed with excitement and will want to talk about what just happened to someone. That’s where the room master comes in – he/she takes a photo of your team, debriefs you, listens to what you have to say about the room and even congratulates you on your success. It’s a little thing, but it can be precious as part of the whole experience.