Things You Should Know Before Visiting Iran

If you’re planning to visit Iran soon, be sure that you realize some important things ahead of time. There are many products to talk about, for instance visa, money issues, dress code and attractions in Iran. Let’s find out more.

Acquiring A Visa

Using the passport you’ve, the visa needs can differ. If you are from Japan, France, Netherlands, Germany, Nz or Australia, you won’t face many problems acquiring the visa. You’ll be able to a note the Iranian embassy for visa otherwise you get it on arrival. However, if you are from Canada, Uk, or USA, you have to have the visa before reaching Iran. Be sure that you complete the documents correctly.


In Iran, the area currency is called Iranian Rial. The foreign exchange rates vary greatly. For foreign currency, you’ll be able to mind for the currency exchanges or any other currency dealers. So, it makes sense to go searching when getting your hard earned money exchanged for your local currency. Using this method you can obtain a rate plan of exchange. It’s interesting to know that for individuals who’ve $35, you will be a uniform in Iran. Typically, you won’t want more than $35 for just about any day’s expenses in Iran.

Dress Code

The rules for dress code continue altering in Iran. Nowadays, if you are a guy, make an application for jeans or pants. Simply make certain your legs are covered. Basically, you can’t put on shorts. As far footwear, you may decide anything, for instance boots or sandals.

For girls, clothing code is complicated. Generally, make an application for loose tops that ought to cover all your arms completely for the knees. You need to maintain pants along with your hair ought to be covered. But you are allowed a hands, face and foot open.


In Iran, Internet sucks. In big urban centers, the connections certainly are a bit stable. But mostly, you lose connection over and over. Outdoors big urban centers, the situation is terrible. Several types of sites are banned, for instance Facebook. If you want to gain access to websites like these, you will need to use a Virtual private network, that make your web slower.


Unlike just what the western media informs, Iran is not a rustic full of terrorists. Needs to be fact, individuals of Iran are extremely friendly. They are delighted to know a little more about you. They’re simply nice people. You’ll be able to consult with them almost anything in the world. For several reasons, very couple of people visit Iran. You will be surprised to find out that some Iranians might even offer gifts for you personally. So, safety is not a large issues there.

The “Religious Factor”

While Iran is certainly an Islamic republic, you will possibly not think that the country is excessively religious. Clothing code is strict, alcohol is banned but anything else is typical. The existence continues in Iran similar to it’s going on in any other country around the world.

So, they are a handful of important things that you need to keep in mind before visiting Iran.