Thailand, the perfect debut in the Asian continent

If you are tempted by the possibility of travelling to Asia, but you feel stopped because you don’t know hot to plan this trip…don’t worry! This is a common situation we have all gone through. This is why we would like to help you to make this whish possible.

After many years travelling to different Asiatic destinations, we think that the perfect entry door to this new world in Thailand, the smiling country.

These are 5 reasons that prove what we have just said:


Very few people in our “western world” is able to fluently speak Thai. However, this is not a barrier while visiting this country. Thai habitants are so use to that we can easily communicate in English. We were able to check that, everyplace we visited, even elder people spoke English enough to understand us. The moral here: in the souvenir sector you learn whatever you need to sell

But this situation is not the same in other countries. For example, finding people who understand English in Japan in not an easy mission. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that they won’t do all they can in order to understand you. Any case, communication is not as fluid as desired.


Thailand is known as “the smiling country” and this is not just a coincidence. When we spent a few days there, we noticed people is very friendly and they always have a smile shining in their mouths.

With no doubt, this is a characteristic that makes of Thailand one of the best destinations to make your debut travelling to the far east.

Cultural changes and amazing places.

Thailand is a touristic destination really used to host foreigners. However, this fact doesn’t mean you won’t feel the famous cultural shock so loved by people who like Asia.

From the very first moment, you will feel overwhelmed by the huge chaos of Bangkok and you will have to be careful with crazy tuks-tuks that move around the whole city. In addition, you will be able to visit some incredible places such as train market, city of monkeys or some of the floating markets in the surroundings of the capital.

Astonishing temples.

If you have spiritual or cultural motivations, Thailand is your country! There, you will find centenary temples with tones of history such as Wat Chai Wattanaram in Ayutthaya and other wonders like the white temple in Wat RongKhun or the precious “temple of dawn”.

Dream beaches

At last but not least, we can’t miss beaches. In this country you will find paradisiac islands and beaches. So, if you dream of spending some days in a beach typical of movies with crystalline waters and colourful fishes… Thailand is also your country!

Now you have some reasons to visit Thailand, but here it comes another question, travelling in your own or with a luxury package holiday?

Both ways have their pros and cons. It all depends on your travelling experience and your personal preferences, but if you want to spend some idyllic days in an exotic country with no worries at all, the best option are package holidays. This alternative is especially recommendable if this travel is also your honeymoon.

Our final advice is that, in one way or another, you should go to Thailand at least once in your life.