Plans to reduce traffic congestion in Toronto

Within Canada, Toronto has one of the busiest roads. Short distances become longer when travelling by own transport. During peak times, it becomes all the worse, and people resort to various ways to avoid the traffic – leaving at no-peak hours, travelling by public transport among the most common ways. However, everyone needs a more permanent solution to the traffic problem. Traffic not only leads to delays but also causes wastage of time and productivity. It also negatively impacts the environment with more time spent in vehicles cause emissions.

For short-term road blockages

In case the road is blocked temporarily due to some emergency scenario or breakdowns, the city is planning to form quick-clear squads. The squads will keep an eye on the traffic scenario across the city with two teams having different roles. While one team will aim to clear the traffic when the traffic is blocked or slowed down due to a minor problems such as vehicle breakdown, road construction and other such problems, the other would also redirect traffic if need be to other routes which are less crowded and clear.

For continuous and more frequent traffic congestions

On the major intersections, the city plans to employ full-time wardens to monitor the situation and to reduce gridlock situations. These wardens will actively work with both vehicles and pedestrians to manage traffic well and avoid any sort of blockage.

Other steps to reduce traffic by the government

Apart from these, other steps by the government and municipal authorities include employing construction or maintenance work in no peak hours, installing cameras to monitor traffic and engage where need be and imposing stricter fines in cases of traffic offences.

What can you do to reduce traffic in your city?

As a responsible citizen, you should also work to reducing the traffic in the city. While some reasons may be out of one’s control, other measures such as reducing the number of vehicles on the road, travelling by public transport can be taken. Owning a car in a city that is marred with traffic may not be the right decision, and in case you travel less frequently and need a car for the same, you could check which one is the best car rental Toronto to rent a nice car as and when you require it. This may be cheaper on your pocket if you travel less as you will only pay when you want the car and do not need to spend on maintenance etc.