License and Age Requirement for Renting an RV


When you are going to rent an RV, you should know that your age shouldn’t be less than 25 years. If you own your own RV, then there’s no need, else you need to cross that age limit. Legally there are restrictions about who can legally rent an RV. Actually, the majority of people doesn’t know that there is a law in place about the legality of renting an RV, they just learn about it when they already started planning about their vacations.

Many people ask what do they really need to have to qualify to rent an RV. Renting a recreational vehicle is a straightforward process, and most of the people can do it without any problem. But you should be aware of what are things needed before you go and sign a rental agreement.

What is Required?


Almost every RV rental companies only need a valid driving license and a major credit card. In some states, you would need to be 25 years old to rent an RV. Some companies do allow drivers between 21 years and 24 years to rent their RV, but they should clear their daily payments.

Is Insurance Needed When You Rent an RV?


All RV companies need that the renter has full insurance coverage. You should check with your auto insurer if rental RV is covered in their insurance. The RV rental dealers will include insurance automatically if they are in your contact or they will offer you to buy one.

Any Special requirements for Renting and Driving RVs?


You are not required to possess a special license to drive an RV. If you have a license of the regular automobile, you are well to drive an RV. You are just required to have a current driver license before you can rent an RV.