Learn English more easily and affectively

In this generation, English is important than any other language. It is the most used second language in the world. If you don’t know English well people will never see you as a literate person. Students who are suffering problem with English, ESL program can prove to be very beneficial for them. There are many institutions that provide ESL course online. If you are looking for the best ESL course faculty and program, you can take reference from https://youragora.com  and search for more queries. There are different programs offered by different institutions.

Types of ESL programs

Self contained classroom

This model is used by school with a large number of immigrants and beginners. Here student first does their basic academic work with their main subject. Then they are mainstreamed to the non academic subjects like art, physical education, study hall, computer lab and many other classes. These classes contain mixed level of English proficiency students, means that instructor has to maintain their level of English.           

Integrated ESL classroom

This program based on evenly split of student between English and home language. This model contains 50 percent English speakers and 50 percent English language learners. They have variety of home language and different level of literacy. Instructor combines native English speakers and ELL so that they have chance to work with fluent English speakers.

Integrated group classroom

When school doesn’t have a large number of ESL students, School administrators some time merge ESL students with general classroom. Now instructor uses special instruction in English to ensure that they have understandable input.  

These are some types of programs used in ESL for English learning. There also are special techniques used in these programs.

Techniques used in teaching English speaking

  • By using social greetings
  • Discussion on topics
  • Explaining their activity
  • Expressing their thoughts