How to stay connected while traveling

Everyone travels to an extent. Some of us more often than others, especially those traveling for work. If you travel often, chances are you’ve missed an occasion or two. Have you ever been overseas when a loved one is celebrating a special occasion? If you have, then you know the feeling of guilt and disappointment not being able to be there to make a loved one feel special. Good news is, there are a few things you can do to be thoughtful and make a loved one feel special on their special occasion. And no, you don’t have to drop an arm and a leg to do these, really!

1- Leave a present behind

Before taking off, give your loved one a little gift and write on it the date it should be opened. That way, even when you’re away, your loved one will still feel this closeness by seeing your handwritten note asking for it to be opened on a specific date.

2- Send them a greeting card

Another thoughtful way to remind a person you’re thinking of them on their special occasion is to send a card and have it arrive on or close to their special occasion date. And no, you don’t have to figure out all that in a foreign country, from finding a place to purchase a greeting card to figuring out how to mail it. You can pretty much do all that online. The best part about it is the ease of finding something specific online that you can never just walk into a store and expect to find an exact themed birthday card, let’s say. For example, if your friend is a Frida Kahlo fan, on their birthday you can send them a Friday Kahlo birthday card and surprise them with your thoughtfulness twice (once for remembering the date, and once again for knowing them so well).

3- Have food be delivered to them from their favorite local restaurant

Contact a local restaurant you know your loved one likes, and order something to be delivered to her on a specific date/time! It’ll cost the same or cheaper than sending flowers and let’s be honest, it is a lot more fun and quite darn thoughtful.

4- Send them a cake!

I know, I know, such a cute idea. Contact a local bakery, and ask them to deliver a cake with custom writing to your loved one. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a red velvet cake with cream cheese (they come vegan too!) frosting on the day of their birthday? Nobody. Well, unless you hate red velvet, in which case, you are a rare breed and luckily, there is still chocolate, vanilla, or carrot cake to satisfy the most unsatisfiable of people.