How to Ride a Quad Bike?

ATV Quads are of two types-sports and utility. The quad biking North Wales constitutes one of the leading outdoor activities North Wales. However, many people make plenty of mistakes with it. We thus, state out few important tips on riding the quad bike, the right way.

  • The first step is to choose the right quad bike. The beginners should always look for quads in the smallest category. They do not have clutches and have automatic to semi-automatic transmissions. They can be easily used in mild to moderate trail conditions. You also have wood-quads and racing quads which are meant for more experienced and advanced riders.
  • The second tip is to remain calm and not get afraid of any quad or any other people. Then, you must learn to use body language. By this, we mean leaning and shifting your weight while riding so that you do not get stuck over or flip over. Another thing to remember is to place both hands on handlebar and fingers on the clutch so that you have proper control of the quad bike at all times.
  • Next is to start the ride. You must get on the Quad bike first and turns its ignition button ‘on.’ Next, pull the clutch lever and shift the bike into first gear. Now, as you release the clutch slowly, you will feel the bike moving forward.
  • Now accelerate slowly in the same gear so that the quad bike picks up moderate speed. Once things are in control; you can move it to second gear for further speed. Next, depending on the trail and your extent of control; you can shift through the five gears to pick up speed or take it down.
  • For stopping the quad bike; you need to pull in the clutch lever and then apply both brakes and finally use your left foot to push the bike into neutral. Now, you can turn the ignition to ‘off’ mode. Remember to pull the quad in first-gear so that the quad does not roll-over.

With just a little practice; you would be an expert in it.