How To Plan Affordable Family Vacation

Families can enjoy a fun and affordable holiday by planning ahead, traveling out of season, making online bookings and using air-hotel vacation packages.

Need a break but don’t want to put a dent in the bank balance? Fret not. Families still can have cheap and fun holidays. They do, however, need to do a bit of planning. Check out the following ideas to have a cheap family holiday.

Plan Family Vacations Ahead

Families who plan ahead often get better holiday deals. Months before traveling, keep an eye on advertisements or holiday deals. Some vacation packages are available for a limited time only. Also, many airlines offer different airfares online, depending on the season. So grab the good seats and great bargains early.

Check newspapers, travel agents, the Internet, TV and radio for great promotions. Families can make inquiries on holiday packages and shortlist them, then decide on one vacation destination. All these procedures take time. The sooner these are done, the more likely the holidaymakers can get better deals.

Travel During Off-Peak Seasons

The worst times to travel are during school breaks and the end of the year, when the demand for flights and accommodations rise sharply. As demand increases, so do prices – airfares and hotel accommodations generally cost a fortune. So plan the holiday well, travel out of season. Plus, parents and kids don’t have to jostle with the maddening crowds at the airport or railway station!

Book Flight, Car Rental and Accommodations Online

Thanks to the Internet, there are many ways families can enjoy cheaper holidays. Anyone can make the flight, car rental and/or hotel bookings online. Internet bookings are convenient, affordable and the best part – it’s possible to get great deals at the last minute too! All airlines have great booking facilities. Also, check out sites like,,, and Airbnb can be a great option if you are traveling with your family and you want to cook meals at home instead of going out every single night. Apartments on Airbnb are also usually cheaper compared to hotels so booking an accommodation through Airbnb might be a good idea if you want to save money on your trip.

Use Air-Hotel Packages

Traveling abroad? It’s advisable to buy flight-hotel packages. Most travel agents offer these packages. A typical package includes economy flight tickets, twin sharing accommodation at a 3- or 4-star hotel for a specified number of nights. Some even throw in breakfast and free airport-hotel-airport transfers.

However, these great holiday deals often come with strict conditions. So read the fine print carefully before settling on any air-hotel travel package. Cancellation or change of travel times may incur much more extra costs.

Beware of Currency Exchange Rates

Another thing for overseas travelers to be mindful of are currency exchange rates. Families that are planning their vacations abroad should choose destinations where the conversion will still be favorable to their own currency. Many Asian, South American and Eastern European countries that haven’t joined the Euro still make great holiday spots.

Save on Food Expenses When on Vacation

Just because a family is on holiday doesn’t mean everyone has to eat out all the time. Restaurant dining can be expensive. Cut the food budget by getting some supplies from the nearest supermarket. Pack simple sandwiches and fill up water bottles from the hotel room. Don’t consume anything from the mini bar or fridge. Get snacks and drinks from the supermarket.

Budget-Friendly Family Holiday

A family holiday is a great way for parents and kids to unwind and spend quality time together. If money is a concern, plan the trip months in advance. Have a cheap family vacation by making flight and accommodation bookings online, traveling out of season, using air-hotel packages and cutting food expenses. Another thing to remember is to travel to countries where the currency exchange rates favor the family.

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