How to Kill Time at The Airport

Imagine this scenario. You are stuck in the city traffic and reach the airport with barely enough time for your flight to take off. As soon as you reach there your eyes scan the information board for announcements about Bangalore to Mumbai flights. As your eyes zero in on your Bangalore to Mumbai flight status, you let out a shout of exasperation. The flight is delayed by 4 hours! You wish you had checked the status before starting for the airport, now you had so many hours to kill at the airport.

So how do you while away your time at the airport? Here are some suggestions which will help you negotiate the time at the airport as you wait for your flight to be announced.

Grab a Leisurely Meal

Use the time to tuck into a hearty meal. It is most likely you have not had a proper meal in your rush to the airport. Select a peaceful restaurant and have a slow meal. There is nothing like good food and probably a drink to drive away the stress and help you relax as you await your flight.

Head to the comfort of a Lounge

If you prefer some quiet as you wait for your flight to be announced, you head to a lounge where you can relax probably with a newspaper and a cup of tea or coffee. Most airports have arange of lounges available for the use of passengers these days.

Catch up on your work

If you are the workaholic kind, don’t fret, most airports have workstations where you can setup your laptop and work on that important presentation or answer those pending emails. This would indeed be a productive use of the time at the airport.

Catch up on your reading

People who are fond of reading actually welcome such delays as it gives them an opportunity on catching up on their reading. So take out that novel which is poised in a moment of suspense and continue your reading. The time will literally fly as you lose yourself in the pages of the book.

Indulge in Window Shopping

If you like shopping, even window shopping, then spending a few hours in an airport is  no big deal. Most airports have shopping arcades with a variety of goods on offer ranging from chocolates to computers and perfumes to pens. One is sure to get lost in the shopping arcades and needs to be alert to the timing of one’s flight.

Catch a movie on your laptop

Just plug in your earphones and open that latest Hollywood or Bollywood movie that you have wanted to watch but your busy schedule did not permit. A couple of  hours will fly on the wings of the imagination of the movie’s script writer and director.

Relax with your  favourite music

If you like music, then just head to a quiet corner of the airport and tune in to your favourite music. This is a great and effective way to not only kill  time but to relax at the airport as you wait for your flight to be announced.

Head to a Spa at the Airport

Nowadays most airports have inhouse Spa facilities. So if you have been burning the midnight oil and your mind and body is in desperate need of relaxation and rejuvenation, head to the spa. Use the time at your disposal to recharge the body, mind, and soul.

Catch up on some sleep

The most original and effective relaxation is sleep. Get to a lounge or find a quiet corner in the airport where you can get some shut eye. But make sure you have someone to wake you up or if you are alone set an alarm on your watch or cell phone so  that you do not miss your delayed flight by oversleeping.

Take a Walk Around the Airport

If you are the restless kind who cannot sit at an airport or railway station, then harness that energy by walking around the airport. The airport is always an interesting place with activity round the clock. Airports like Changi or Dubai are complete destinations in themselves and there is always something new to discover and experience in airports.

Catch up on Your Social Media

One of the most popular activities these days at airports is social media related. Any airport these days is full of people glued to their smartphones. So use the time at the airport to see what your friends are upto on social media, update your own status, or chat up with a few friends you have not been able to get in touch for a long time.

These are some ways to kill time during your wait. One of them is sure to appeal to  your personality and style and make your wait for your flight comfortable and productive.