Explore the Majestic Caribbean Islands aboard a Luxurious Catamaran

The Caribbean is one of the most popular holiday destinations for people all around the world. Especially for those with an affinity for sea and sailing, Caribbean offers the most diversity regarding picturesque beauty. Consisting more than 700 islands, this region has something for everyone. The pristine beaches, azure water, and a first-class experience of sailing catamaran Caribbean give travellers reasons to come back to these islands every year.

The Caribbean: A sailor’s paradise

It is hardly an exaggeration if the Caribbean islands are called a sailor’s paradise. With so many wonders to explore, catamaran vacations Caribbean are very popular. People come here to sail around and experience the sea, islands, islets, cays and reefs in their full glory.

Tourism being one of the major economic sectors of this region, Caribbean Islands receive a footfall of millions of visitors each year. In fact, since 18th century, the more prominent islands of the regions like Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Cuba and Martinique have drawn tourists in hordes.

The main attraction of these islands is, of course, the tropical weather. People come here for scuba diving, snorkeling on the reefs, and even game fishing. The best part is you’ll get all necessary gears aboard your catamaran Caribbean.

Now, why charter a catamaran?

The first thing to do before planning a vacation in these islands is getting informed about the catamaran charters Caribbean. Catamarans are double-hulled vessels having their natural buoyancy. Hence, being unsinkable, they also offer stability on the waters.  

The popularity of catamaran sailing vacations Caribbean has seen a surge in the recent years. This is because of other noteworthy reasons too. For example:

  • They are spacious and thus, provide maximum accommodation for large groups.
  • It is easier to maneuver a catamaran than any other vessel. Since it can rotate on its axis, catamarans can be docked without difficulty.
  • Their flat decks give ample space and ensure safety while moving around.   

Therefore, out of all other options, catamaran Caribbean stands as the best choice (especially if you’re travelling with family, friends or colleagues).    

How to rent a catamaran?

Since sailing is a major part of the Caribbean experience, numerous companies offer catamaran rental Caribbean. Tourists can charter skippered, bareboat and crewed catamarans for the number of days they wish to. These vessels come with all modern amenities and provide a luxurious experience for travellers on board.

A word to the wise – If you are opting for catamaran charter Caribbean, the best is to book those with ample time in hand. Since there is an influx of tourists every year, the boat rental companies often have their vessels booked well ahead of time.

Time to plan your catamaran sailing vacations Caribbean now! Who would you be sailing with – friends, family or just you ‘two’?