Explore Florida’s Gulf Coast On A Private Charter!

Florida’s Gulf Coast is a place of wonder and magical sunsets. Millions of visitors every year travel To the Tampa Bay area to explore and experience the wonder of the ocean and wildlife that exist there. If you are planning a trip there are many options you could choose from to explore and find out about the areas rich history. From my experience there is no better way than by sea. That being said make sure to find yourself a quality captain in private charter boat you and your family can explore with.

 During our last visit there we booked a private charter With Florida Adventure Cruise. Let me tell you this was one of the best choices that we could have made. After being on numerous trips In years past Jumping from cheap party boat to party boat We decided To kick things up on that And travel in style on our own cruiser.

 Instead of booking a 2 hour dolphin tour or a quick wildlife excursion to a barrier island we opted to rent the cruiser for a whole 12 hour day on the water, In order To really get a feel For the areas salt life. The cruiser That we rented was a beautiful 31 foot see Ray With an air conditioned galley, full bathroom, Beautiful bow area for laying out or watching the Dolphins and a huge spacious rear deck And swimming platform.

Our beautiful day on the water took us through Beautiful Treasure Island, Saint Pete beach, Madeira beach, Passa grille, and Tierra Verde. All these places though right next to each other had a very different feel had a very different feel and if it hadn’t been for a great captain Brett We never would have got to see them all.

 As we headed out in the morning to our first stop At Egmont key we had a pod of Dolphins Follow us the whole way. As a matter of fact it seems that everywhere we traveled that day there were Dolphins following us making the trip very special. Once at Egmont key we walked a beautiful pristine white sand beach and collected sea shells and sand dollars. The kids played in the shallow calm waters there Snorkeling, seeing all sorts of wildlife Such as Horseshoe crabs, Hermit crabs, and their favorite A passing Manite. Next stop was Sand Dollar Island which was amazing. Although you could hardly walk without stepping on sand dollars. Our kids sat on their knees and piled up 20 to 30 in their hands everywhere they went. We could have spent 8 hours alone just there enjoying the awesome birds, watching the fish jump, Dolphins swim by and enjoying the sun.

Captain Brett Planned our shore stops perfectly. Just as we were getting tired of swimming Or riding on the boat watching Dolphins He would stop at a local Shop Or dock side eatery to Let us feel just what it’s like to live on the Gulf Coast. We stopped at beautiful Johns pass Village boardwalk where there were great dessert Places and a wonderful winery. Sea Hag’s Bar and Grill in beautiful pass-a-grille had some great appetizers just when we were getting hungry. As we traveled through Saint Petersburg the Sea Dog Brewery wet our whistle and more great appetizers. After viewing all the sites and historic places there were to offer we settled in at Gators Waterfront restaurant for a great dinner Add an even better view.

Florida Adventure Cruise really went above and beyond to make our 12 hours on the water fly by. We snorkeled, swam, Explored And ate our way through the entire golf coast. Although the cost was slightly higher than a couple of the party boats that all the tourist get crammed on, this was an experience my family will never forget. So the next time you’re in the Tampa Bay area be sure to find Great captain and a great boat for your family adventure.