Exciting Proposal Ideas for London

If you are planning your proposal, then London is certainly a great city to be in. It is full of exciting and romantic ways to pop the question. Atop the London Eye overlooking the skyline or cruising along the Thames under the moonlight are a popular idea for a reason, however, London has many places that you may not have considered that might be perfect for the big moment. Here are a few ideas to help shake up your proposal planning!

Up High

London has its famous skyline and plenty of great buildings to look down upon, so proposing up above the rooftops is a great idea. Fortunately, there are also many places to do this that are perfect for a romantic moment. The Shard has a great selection of restaurants overlooking the city, including the famous Aqua, but you should also consider the Aviary. Not only does the rooftop restaurant have a great view but on rainier days the terrace tables will be given individual igloos, making a romantic dinner even cosier!

You can also propose among the beautiful foliage of the Sky Garden while also standing over the buildings below. With a little arrangement, they also offer to set up candles, lights, and even a personal band, if you desired!

With Luxury

There are many ways to experience luxury in London, especially within its many Michelin-starred restaurants. You could even consider enjoying the decadence of the city’s architecture. The Victoria & Albert Museum has, in addition to its fine exhibitions, stunning gardens and facades. St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most iconic buildings and, once inside, it is impossible not to be in awe of the fantastic design and embellishments, making it a great spot for an intimate moment.

Alternatively, if you wanted something a little more private, you could consider finding your own aparthotel.  Among the fantastic buildings of London are many high-end apartments that may be the perfect location for your proposal. You can find the appropriate and most comfortable apartment for your planned evening and then enjoy the serviced comfort of your ideal space together. To see the range of aparthotels the city has to offer, as well as helpful information on each location, you can browse https://londonservicedapartments.co.uk.

Full of Excitement

If you and your partner want to get the adrenaline flowing instead of simply getting down on one knee, then you may want to consider a helicopter ride over the city, or even climbing on top of the O2 Arena. London Aquarium, SEA LIFE, not only allows you to swim with sharks but may also arrange for you to propose while among the fishes. Or, if you want the excitement without the thrill, you could try letting your hair down with a night of swing dancing at the Hackney Theatre. By taking a few classes beforehand and arranging with the venue, you can surprise your partner with your fantastic moves as well as a life-changing question!

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