Enjoying the Tour at St Thomas in Sailing

Sailing is always a stopover. Is there a great choice of good and beautiful anchorages when sailing south? Do we always, or often, stay at a marina?It’s likely that if you’ve imagined a retirement on board, you’re longing to see what it’s all about before selling and leaving. So, whether it’s for a rental or an invitation, if you’re going to see what’s further south, here’s a little outline of what’s happening on the Sea. With the All Inclusive Day Sail St Thomas this is important now.

Then What You Can Do:

On the other hand, there will be winds quite amazing and which can come from unusual directions. In other words, which have nothing to do with the trade wind? These winds often bring rain. The beaches and moorings are less pleasant when it is selling and it is raining horizontally. A new orientation of the wind can force us to change anchorage. It’s less heavenly all that and what can be done? These “winter” weather conditions are unknown further south. From Guadeloupe to the South American continent, we never speak of a cold front. The trade wind will be sportier, but will still blow from the east, between the northeast and the southeast. It should not rain often.

If you chose to go see before boarding, choose to go where you would go if you were retired and sail at least six months a year. Generally, the boat is left south enough to be less subject to hurricanes, i.e.It was one of the best, if not the best place to leave your boat. For Sailing Snorkeling Shore Excursion St John this is important.

Martinique also offers many beautiful anchorages. Those on the windward coast are uncrowded and difficult to access between the many cays and reefs. At the coast, leeward and easy to access, there is a very nice anchorage in front of a village postcard. But he is well known and you will not be alone. The place is touristy but remains pleasant. The beach is beautiful. There is a large dock where to leave the annex, full of restaurants and bars. A hundred meters from the wharf, following the road to the south, there is a convenience store and it is possible to stock up for a short stay.

Most of the time, it goes from 35 to 38 ° C, ideal temperature for the body and the mind since it is our body temperature The body being thus forgotten, one can let go to a psychic relaxation, Below it is a bath with virtues rather energizing. Some will prefer a temperature above, question of feeling and well-being, but from the first sensation of heavy legs, do not hesitate to go out and lower the temperature of the water for the next baths.

To know that a temperature too high fatigue rather than relaxes, it is customary to say that the temperature of the water of the spa evolves at the opposite of the outside temperature: the colder it is outside, the more the water the spa must be hot. The Massage Spa St Thomas is the best deal there now.