Durga Puja: The Queen of Festivals

India can be a land of festivals. Like a secular country, there is no dearth of merchandise to celebrate in this particular land of wonders. From Christmas to Eid ul Zoha, Independence Day-towards the Cricket World Cup, there’s next to nothing that Indians can’t stand celebrating. Simply point us towards a celebration and we are all with this. But hidden among this extended report on celebrations can be a jewel by way of Durga Puja, something celebrated within the full glory inside the Bengali community.

So, what’s the Durga Puja?

Well, regarding clearness, Puja describes a spiritual festival. However, for people Bengalis, Durga Puja is really a lesser ‘Puja’ and lots of embodiment in the spirit of festiveness. Precisely what does meaning? Well, let us return a few millenniums to resolve that question.

The tradition of invoking the goddess Durga (or perhaps the mother, known as ‘Ma’) is first considered to are actually produced by Lord Ram before he went forth to battle Ravana, as documented inside the epic Ramayana. However, the tradition lay dormant till in regards to the late 1500s, when the landlords in Bengal needed up. It absolutely was finally given its final form inside the 1700s as Baroyaari (or 12 friends’) puja, an expression which finally found consult community backed Durga Pujas kept in Kolkata.

Essentially, every aspect asia celebrates today, but by way of Navratri. It constitutes of 9 days’ cost of fasting, which ends up track of Dussehra, every day where an effigy of Ravana is burned in order to demonstrate that evils will be championed by good as Lord Ram had championed above Ravana.

In Bengal

In Bengal, however, this really is of individuals 10 days are not the same.

My earliest remembrances of Durga Puja are individuals of getting up in the heart of the evening to listen to Mahalaya round the radio. It is a programme which has been airing on day one in the Bengali month Ashwin more than 7 decades and 4 generations of Bengalis, forcing those to awaken at 4 am, something I still do religiously every year with this particular day. Although the magic in the scent, the half awakened self and knowing Ma is arriving has somewhat reduced while using years, the idea of something so with one another effective it is really a whole community expect in it still holds lots of charm nonetheless.

We treat Ma Durga as something not just the goddess. While so they embodies the raw power (or Shakti) that transformed evil by slaying the evil demon Mahisasur (therefore, the word Mahisasur-mardini), she’s even more than simply that. ten days that start with Mahalaya signify her annual visit to her paternal home in Bengal with 4 of her children. Consequently Ma is, concurrently, a mother, a wife, a goddess, and most importantly, a part of us. We pamper her, we respect her, we love to her therefore we adore her. She’s not just a divinity.

To many of us Bengalis, she embodies our truest nature. Wherever a Bengali might be, come Durga Puja, he/she will get a connection to his/her family.

This is just what what this means is to celebrate Pujo (a colloquial term for Durga Puja).

Frankly, it cannot be in comparison with other activities in the world. But, can remember the togetherness you will get when visiting the family, or perhaps the warmth during Christmas, or perhaps the feeling you obtain whenever you want to your loved ones carrying out a year away? It is precisely what Pujo method to a Bengali. It’s more than celebrating a spiritual festival. The idea of Pujo gets everyone together. And believe maybe there is when compared to a mother facilitating everything? We eat, we cry, we talk, be happy and celebrate a thing that is actually uncommon elsewhere in the world. It does not matter everything you religion is. Whether a Muslim, a Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Jain or anything among (including atheists), if you are a Bengali in your mind, Durga Puja is ideal for you. From visiting the a large number of makeshift podiums (or pandals) for hoisting Ma Durga for you to get a cupful of tea in the heart of the evening (within tree from your shop because it seems to inevitably rain during Puja nights nowadays, specifically if you are out at 2 am) to dancing through the idol immersion ceremony (referred to as Bhashan), Durga Puja is a factor you have to experience one or more times within your existence.