Creating a More Fulfilling Life for Your Family Through a Dual Citizenship Program

A lot of families have decided that the “normal” life, especially in the city, is not what they want.

This is one of the common reasons why homesteading has become such a huge trend in the last five years. Ditto with living off the grid. Along with these different family lifestyles is the decision of parents to opt for homeschooling and un-schooling.

Those are not the only options you have if you want a different life for your entire family. The world is big and the ideal life that you have in mind could possibly be more attainable in a different country.

Migration is one option to consider. Another is a second citizenship program, which a lot of countries these days offer.

It goes without saying that so many people are looking into less common lifestyles in hopes of becoming happier.

Dual Citizenship Creates Joyful Possibilities

But among the options mentioned, it’s safe to say that second citizenship programs are growing in popularity but are still not considered by most people. There is this notion that obtaining dual citizenship is not only difficult but also quite expensive.

However, people who have taken advantage of this type of program point out that the hefty investment is absolutely worth it.

For families that have dual citizenship, one of the leading advantages is how their children develop a richer grasp of the world out there, and that their potential to become the people they want to be is not limited to just one place.

Another advantage many of them point out is the appreciation for the fact that despite differences in cultures and appearances, people are pretty much the same. Therefore, having compassion or a kind tolerance as well as developing strong friendships is easy.

Other Benefits of Dual Citizenship

1. You have more investment opportunities that fit your budget

For example, you are from New York where real estate properties are at a premium. You may be spending a huge amount of money on a home that is not even big enough for your family. On top of that, the high cost of household utilities may be weighing down your finances as well.

Applying for a second citizenship, say, in a country in the Caribbean, can provide you a far superior housing investment for the money you regularly must spend on your rather cramped home in New York.

It’s the same thing with other investments.

The business you are maintaining may be less costly when you set it up in a different country where the industry is not yet that saturated. At the same time, with the lower cost of business setup, you can make sure that your business is built for optimum productivity.

You can then direct your savings toward hiring the best professionals in commercial interior design so you are able to house your business in an impressive facility essential for the growth and reputation of your enterprise.

2. Enjoy tax benefits when you start a business in your other country of citizenship

In Caribbean countries particularly, you can enjoy lower tax rates for setting up your business here as someone who holds a citizenship. You can stay legally compliant yet save some money that you can use to further grow your operations or meet your family’s needs.

3. You have your own safe haven

Should your original country of origin find itself in political or economic turmoil, you and your family can have an easy escape. Not only will physical safety be easier, you also have the opportunity to transfer your assets to the more stable country.

When you already possess a second citizenship, you can do all of these things more quickly and efficiently than someone who decides to simply emigrate. The emigration process, more often than not, takes a painfully long time. It can even take years due to the stringent policies and screening.

So, if you are looking for an alternative lifestyle for your family – one which offers a different kind of peace and joy and better security, a second citizenship program is one strong option to consider.

To learn more about dual or second citizenship, a simple Internet search should generate the links that will take you to informative websites. Even better, you can direct your queries to professionals who specialize in these types of citizenship programs.


Kaline Kennard is the co-founder of Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean. Based in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.