Choosing Airline Loyalty Programs in India: 5 Things to Look For

Are you a frequent flyer who is trying to find a great loyalty program to add to your bucket? Although choosing an apt one for yourself might seem like a hard task in a jiffy, there are a few criteria which must surely be looked into. Keep reading to find out about the top five hacks while choosing a good loyalty program in India.

Loyalty program of an airline, a smart method to keep flight customers happy, is known to give its flyers several lucrative advantages, privileges and rewards. To have access to such a loyalty program, you need to be signed up on their parent airline portal as a member. However, while making your choice, you need to be very careful as there are several aspects to consider. Look into the following five points to get a clear cut idea.

  1. Find out the Fleet Size of the Airline (Both Domestic and International): The domestic and international fleet size is extremely important while choosing the loyalty program of an airline. If your airline is one that has a higher number of flights to various destinations, it’s an advantage in your favour. More flight options mean greater availability, which in turn helps you earn more frequent flyer miles while flying on your preferred airlines.
  2. The Ease of Earning the Air Miles: How easy is it to earn the lucrative air miles through the loyalty program that you have signed up for? No one, in today’s world, likes to go for lengthy and complicated procedures for ‘earning’. Therefore, choose a program that makes it easy to earn your frequent flyer miles, whether it be air miles collected by merely flying or by other day-to-day activities like hiring a taxi, shopping with partner stores, fueling automobiles, reading on partner sites and even talking for hours altogether over the phone.
  3. Redeeming the Miles: Air miles on your loyalty program, once collected by you, should be easy to redeem for your own needs. For instance, you can retrieve your valuable miles for booking a free flight with your airline program or a partner airline, upgrading your cabin, gifting or transferring the miles to a loved one or acquaintance and even shopping on the airline store.
  4. Other Benefits and Privileges: As a loyal customer of your airline loyalty program, you can access special member exclusive rewards. For instance, there may be various online stores where you can buy merchandise like electronics, watches, jewellery, travel baggage, etc. using the miles. Plus, there are also privileges to make your journey more comfortable and luxurious, such as access to the premium lounges across the country and world, faster and hassle-free check-in as well as extra baggage allowance.
  5. Offers and Deals: Other than direct rewards, signing into these programs can also get you exclusive offers, promotions and deals on products. Through some loyalty programs in India, these offers can be reclaimed when you shop from popular brands and portals such as Amazon and more.

Choosing a more lucrative reward program should not mean sacrificing the quality of flying. Therefore, while choosing your airline, take into consideration every other aspect. Get smart, choose an apt program and enjoy flying!