Best Spanish cities to visit for a weekend

We are closer and closer to summer and temperatures are higher and warmer. This is why we would like to travel to beaches and just lay and relax on the sand. And then, when we are getting overwhelmed by so much sun, taking a refreshing bath and feel the sea and the waves moving us.

It sounds great, doesn’t it? But sometimes we haven’t time enough to make such a trip. Sometimes we only can enjoy a weekend of freedom. Don’t worry! Here we present some Spanish cities you can enjoy for a weekend.

Enjoy a great weather together with the best gastronomy and the unique character of Spanish people.

Picture: pixabay


Ok, it is true. We are lying here. You can’t enjoy all the wonders the Catalan capital has in only two days. Nevertheless, you can spend a great time in this amazing city and discover a part of all the cultural and natural patrimony of Barcelona.

So, don’t hesitate to search for the cheapest flight and cheap apartments in Barcelona and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities not only in Spain, but also in the world.


The capital of Andalusia is a beautiful city that mixes the importance of its Muslim cultural influences together with Spanish traditions.

This way, the city situated on the plain of the Guadalquivirriver has a wide range of touristic attractions such as the St. Mary of the See Cathedral, the Alcázar, the Torre del Oro or the Plaza de España, one of the most beautiful squares all around the world.


We go now from the south of Spain (Andalusia) to the north (Basque Country), where we find a different weather, different culture and different way of living.

Bilbao is the largest city proper in northern Spain. It is a modern city with a great environment and a fantastic gastronomy.

Guggenheim museum, the Old Town, Ribera Market or the near gorgeous village San Juan de Gaztelugatxe are some of the reasons to visit this charming city.

Additionally, in Bilbao we can enjoya gastronomical delight: pintxos. In the capital of Basque Country,it’s not all about tapas, instead it’s about pintxos. They are small pieces of bread, topped with a multitude of different ingredients, and are lined up along the bar so you can help yourself.

So, think about your next weekend because it could be an exceptional opportunity to discover a new wonderful place.