Best places to see in Dallas

On every weekend there is a fuss about where to go and enjoy. We all have hectic weeks with a lot of workload and weekends are the time where we want some good enjoyment. So, for weekends Dallas should be at the top of our wish list. Dallas has been rated as a beta+ global city. Dallas is home for farming, ranching and oil production and it becomes more famous and valuable after the introduction of the railroad in 1873. It is famous for its architecture, modern art, and simply just for being big. Everybody mainly thinks about Dallas from the point of view of oil and cotton industry. There is always something or the other going on Dallas and you can find various sources of entertainment there, it could be museums, gardens, amusements parks, and many more events. You can go to the biggest fair in the whole country, can take a walk in that city’s coolest urban green space, take beautiful pictures on the bridge, can also get an amazing view of the whole Dallas from the reunion tower and many more things.

So, if you are free for this weekend and want to spend some amazing and valuable time with your family and friends Dallas is a perfect place to go. And to help you out, we are here with a list of some of the places which you should definitely go in Dallas otherwise the trip will be considered as incomplete.


We all love the environment and peaceful places, especially with beautiful flowers and greenery. So here Dallas is with a very beautiful garden with is 66 acres long. It has a lot of fun places for the kids and has an amazing view for young people. This is one of the best places for the family day out. It also has picnic spots, if you want to bring some snacks from your house. It has 8 acres Rory Meyers children’s adventure garden and also the children’s garden café. It is a very beautiful and well-maintained garden and seemed to be a quiet place for people so no sports are allowed in there for the protection of the plants. This garden hosts seasonal outdoor festivals, concerts, art shows, and educational programs too.


This museum is dedicated to the most tragic moment. President John F. Kennedy’s – the much-loved human who served from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. This place is totally associated with him. If you are going to Dallas this place is a must visit. This museum covers all the facts about that tragic incident as well as the whole life of him. Whoever visits here get an audio guide which makes it more educational. The best thing is, you can also go to the window and literally see that place where he got shot.

You need at least a whole weekend to enjoy Dallas, so you can have amazing and beautiful architectural hotels at reasonable prices by using Priceline promo code .Also, there is a café where you can get amazing coffee, teas, pastries, and sandwiches.


In a family outing, the most difficult thing is to take care of the kids. They always want some interesting place to go to and enjoy. And here Dallas is with Perot museum which is very interesting and also gives a great learning experience. This museum is a 5-story building which consists of art, interesting sculptures, 3D computer animation, educational games and kids friendly play area. There is also an outdoor play space and courtyard for kids. They can play and have fun there as well. There are robots too which gives a very different kind of energy to the children. Not just for kids, it’s a very nice place for every age group to get some knowledge and enjoy with interesting facts too. It a very beautiful mix of education and entertainment and hence a must visit in Dallas.


We all are lovers of great creativity. This museum is filled with creativity and innovative things. Great artworks that are being appreciated and awarded over the time. It is full of more than 24,000 work of art with 159,000 sq. feet space. It is one of the largest art museums in America. This museum is entrance is free of cost. It consists of masterpieces of great people who are awarded so many times like Picasso, Monet, Robin, and many more. Its gallery keeps on changing with time which gives a beautiful idea of amazing artwork.

It is said that a museum is a place for boring people. But trust me this is a place where you really want to go as you will be star struck by such amazing and beautiful work.


When we go out, we love adventure and amusement park. It is one of the favorite places for everybody, not just for kids but for the elders too. Who doesn’t want a whole day with extreme fun and thrill? So, there is a place in Dallas where you can enjoy 7 story drop bungee jumping, the sky coaster, 16-story free fall attraction and Texas Blastoff. Just by reading these things we get so much excited. And if you are not satisfied with these things too there is Sky Scraper there too. From a rating, it is known that this place has been rated the highest in the list of must go places in Dallas. This place is full of professional and trained staff, so don’t get scared and you can enjoy some amazing thrilling experience at this park with your family. Kids are obviously going to love this place. In case of emergency, trained people are there and are ready to help.


Many people are fond of airlines and with the whole airline system. People get very excited just watching airplanes and their sizes. The beautiful mechanism of airlines is actually very attractive and seem interesting too. So, if you want to gather information about it, you can visit this place and have some serious fun with very interesting information. Also, the place is very well established and kept clean. This place is very hygienic and with a good reason, it can give access to around 21,000 people with very professionalized and good sitting arrangements. It also takes care of your snack and drinks. It is a very nice and peaceful place to visit with just amazing hospitality. America is actually very proud of this place and hence it should be on your list.


A good peaceful place with a beautiful environment is like the perfect place for the families to hang out. All families need is a place where they can talk easily with beautiful nature and kids can play too aside with no disturbance, the lake is just like a cherry on the cake in this situation. There is plenty of space available here where many events take place. The most amazing quality of this place is you can get a wildlife effect in just middle of an urban touch. Such places are very less and very rarely found, Dallas has it all. This place is so peaceful that you can literally enjoy the chirping of the birds and can walk beside the lake. Walking aside the lake or reading novels in front of the lake actually gives us a very smooth experience. It is having 9.33 mile of hiking and bike trails, beautiful picnic spot, and wetlands. In other words, it is just a perfect place where kids can play, can also ride bikes and the other family can enjoy nature to the best.


Yes, educational places are good for kids and adults but all they love is some exciting places where they can have some actual fun. All kids want are games and food. So, adventure landing in Dallas is a place which offers amazing fun games not just for kids but for adults too. It consists of three mini-golf courses, monster video, laser tag room, and redemption gaming arcade. Sounds like fun and so exciting. All of this can be experienced at very reasonable prices too. You can also enjoy bumper boats which are favorite of kids and adults both. It also provides a great snack and drink facility. The staff is trained and professional. In terms of any difficulty, they are very helpful.

Where ever we go all we need is peace and good food. Some of us are more attracted towards excitement and entertaining things. Dallas is a place which consists of both the verities. Hotels here are also with great architecture and hospitality. If you are having a free weekend and you are not able to decide where to go, Dallas is the best place to visit. You can book the hotels or airline tickets at a very reasonable price. You think it’s a family time, you can also call it a Dallas time. So, go and enjoy this weekend and have some actual fun.