Best Beaches in Thailand

Blessed is a country if it has many beautiful beaches. Thailand is such country in the Far East where you can have the best time in the world. A haven for beach lovers, Thailand is booming with tourists and it can be difficult to choose the most suitable beach for yourself and your family. For this reason, we have listed and discussed some of the best Thailand’s beaches below. Each is unique in its own beauty and possesses its own nature, so choose the one that suits you the best for your next vacation.

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Sunrise Beach – Koh Lipe

This serene colliery of white sand curls softly into the turquoise water on a southern island of Thailand. Due to its remoteness, it can be the perfect spot for your beach vacation. You can enjoy your family privacy and pleasant warm sun. There is another beach on the other side of the island known as Sunset Beach. As their names suggest, Sunrise beach provides an amazing sunrise view over the horizon, and you can view just as amazing sunset in the sea from the Sunset Beach.

Patong Beach – Phuket

If there is only a single word for beautiful and popular, it will be Patong Beach. Located in Phuket, Thailand; it is one of the largest beaches. With its soft sand and warm water, you can enjoy the best days of your life in complete serenity. With different shopping malls and restaurants, you can also enjoy other travel activities besides swimming and sun tanning. Patong Beach’s nightlife is colorful and attracts tourists from all over the world. But the best thing about this beach is the calmness and grace it offers.

Maya Bay – Koh Phi Phi Ley

When you visit this celestial place, you just mumble one word that’s impact can never be recorded. This place is just like a heaven on Earth and a prototype for any other beach in the world. The beach consists of a small bay and bounded by limestone cliffs. This beach can only be visited during the day and it is recommended to book a trip before you leave for Thailand. There is also no accommodation so it’s better to make your trip brief but worthwhile.

Lamai Beach – Samui

Lamai Beach is located on Samui Island. Although Samui is a huge tourist spot, you can get a perfect fusion of white sand beaches and scenery to savor. Different restaurants and bars also make it an important spot for tourists and locals.

Kata Beach – Phuket

Another beach in Phuket, Thailand; Kata Beach offers completely different experience to its travelers. It is away from the hustle of Patong Beach and if you want to enjoy some privacy, this is the place you want to go to Phuket. It offers a calmness with a perfect scenery and is also a great place for surf and swim.

Main Beach – Koh Kradan

This beach is located south of Koh Lanta. It is used as a national park and offers a resort island for all beach lovers. It is comparatively a small beach, which makes it a perfect spot to explore its coral reefs and limestone cliffs.

Koh Mun Nork

Koh Mun Nork is a private beach in the Gulf of Siam. It offers a private desert island experience to travelers. Koh Mun Nork is just like an ecstasy to beach lovers. Its crystal clear waters and white sand makes it unique. You can reach there by a ferry from mainland Thailand. We guarantee you this beach will be the least crowded in Thailand, so spend your quality time with loved ones in complete privacy.

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