Basics of a Canadian eTA

The Canada eTA is similar to the digital travel verification system that is in place in several developed countries including Australia and the United States. As the name suggests, eTA confirms the suitability of an individual for Canada travel. It is just like a Visa and it is often referred to as the mini-visa of Canada. The application for eTA is entirely completed online. Foreign nationals belonging to visa-exempt countries are affected by an eTA system, particularly from selected European countries, Australia, and New Zealand. Canadians do not have any restriction to travel to the U.S. and therefore, the U.S. citizens enjoy the same privilege while traveling to Canada.

The foreign nationals who need to apply for a visa for traveling to Canada are also exempted from eTA because they have their own travel approval procedure. As the name applies, obtaining and filing an eTA Visa Canada shall be a web-based or an electronic process. Tourists need to visit the CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada website wherein they have to provide personal information including their name, their date of birth, and fingerprints to receive eTA. Generation of authorization takes place through the website. Print out of the application is taken out and thereafter, submitted to the immigration officials together with the other travel documents prior to departing to Canada.

eTA benefits

The main purpose of an eTA is smoothening the process for individuals who want to travel to Canada. It shall be easier to identify inadmissible or undesirable parties such as people with criminal records or no-fly orders. It becomes easy to prevent them to enter your country. Thus, the funds and manpower that are needed to send the individuals back to their own country are saved. In the long run, the government can save important resources. Enactment of an eTA shall accomplish the vision of the US and Canada to improve their border security and to develop economic competitiveness that can accelerate the flow of goods and people.

It is also thought that the requirement of an eTA shall prevent foreign nationals who are completely aware that are not eligible to apply for it as personal details are needed before departing from their own country. It shall also provide CIC a method to gather data and then track the travel patterns of those nationals who are exempted from Visa application. The government could not do this earlier as there was not any pre-screening procedure for foreign nationals. It is introduced as a new tool that allows more personal and distinct risk assessments for a foreign national that what was earlier.

Documents needed

You do not need any documents to submit an eTA Visa Canada application. You have to carry a valid passport together with a debit/credit card, an email address, or a PayPal account. The processing time for an eTA application takes a very little amount of time. The standard processing time is 24 hours, rush processing time is 2 hours and super rush processing time is 0.5 hours. It permits you to stay for at least 180 days on your entry.