Basic Travel Tips When Visiting The Lone Star State

The beautiful state of Texas is probably one of the friendliest states you’ll ever see. A lot of tourists get overwhelmed whenever they visit the place. And for a state as vast and scenic as Texas, a few days of vacation is never enough. It will leave you hanging for more, which is why many keep coming back.

If we are to cover everything about Texas, we will be writing a novel. So, let’s talk about the basics, so you do not get overwhelmed on your first visit.

Texans are Naturally Friendly

One of the things that shock and sometimes scares tourists is when they meet some stranger, and he smiles at them. Don’t worry; we will not sell you anything nor trick you into something. It is naturally our way. When you see someone by the grocery line, and he smiles and say hello or ask how you are doing, he is polite. Texans are known not just as friendly people, but they are also accommodating. They are the type who will stop on a highway to help you when you are in trouble. So, when you see someone smiling, smile or wave back, there is nothing wrong with it.

In Texas, Soda is a Strange Word

You might be wondering how this is so when soda is a perfectly legit word in the English dictionary. Well, in Texas, every carbonated beverage is referred to as Cokes. It doesn’t matter what type of drink it is; they are always termed as Cokes. The only exception to this is Dr Pepper as it originated from Waco; thus it deserves respect. So do not forget to say Cokes when ordering your beverage while in the state.

Distance is Measured in Time

The total land area of Texas is 7.4 percent of the country’s entire territory. Driving in the state is a necessity. You will not see many people walking when they go somewhere. It is natural for citizens to answer in terms of time when you ask the question how far. Say for example you ask how long is Austin from Texas. The natural answer will be; it’s around three hours. It automatically means three hours by car with no stops. You may notice that almost everyone has their ride and from time to time, they also commute since there are many different forms of a public transport system in the area too.

They are Law Abiding Citizens

Texas is perhaps one of the states whose citizens are obedient with the law. They take it seriously and follow it diligently. You will notice when the light at the intersection is red; every car is at a stop even when no pedestrian crossing or other vehicles are passing by. Therefore, it is also essential for any tourist to abide by the laws whenever they visit. It is to avoid any problems and be on the wrong side of the law. But just in case you get in trouble while in Texas, you can get in touch with the Butler Law Firm. They are an expert firm who do not just know Texan laws but they also have experienced and skilled professionals who can assist you. You can call them or visit the law firm in case you need assistance.