Americans Can Visit Visa Free to China’s Hawaii

Lots of American citizens are looking to visit China for travel and tourism as well as for business purpose. There was a time when visiting the country for US citizens were great deal of problem particularly for visa issues. However, now China travel visa is easy and convenient to get. And when this has become easy, there is no stopping people from visiting the country. Another interesting fact is that latest announcements by the Chinese government have made more options for US, UK and other travelers. It has been announced that citizens from US, UK, many Asian and European countries and Canada will be able to visit the Hainan Island in China for a period of up to 30 days without any kind of visa. It means that travelers will not need to apply for Chinese visa for visiting Hainan Island.

Hainan Island is popularly known as the “Hawaii of China”. Today the place has developed as a leading destination for domestic as well as international travelers and tourists. Hainan Island has comfortable tropical climate. Special mention needs to be mentioned of the pristine and beautiful beaches of Hainan. As per information available from Hainan Tourism Development Commission, it has been known that Hainan Island attracted about 70 million travelers and tourists in the last year. However, majority of the tourists were domestic – only 1.1 million were international visitors. Now that China visa requirements have been simplified and made convenient, it is expected that Hainan will attract more international visitors over the years.

What can you do in Hainan Island – China’s Hawaii?

It has been said previously that there are innumerable activities that one can enjoy in Hainan Island – China’s Hawaii. Mentioned below are some things which you can do and enjoy in Hainan Island:

  • Jet-skiing – Jet-skiing is an adventure activity in which many people are highly interested. When you are at Hainan, you can indulge in jet-skiing, one of the most popular adventure sports activities in the place. Along with this, there are many other kinds of adventure sports activities which can be enjoyed in Hainan, including speed-boating, diving, diving, snorkeling etc. Low-altitude aerial sight-seeing trips can also be enjoyed from seaplane flights or helicopters. You can also explore the sea in Hainan via sailboat, yacht or cruise.

  • Relaxing on the beaches–On the southern end of Hainan Island is the city of Sanya. There are innumerable sun-kissed and pristine beaches in the place. These beaches are ideal destinations for resting and relaxation. Some of the best beaches in the place include Dadonghai Beach, Yalong Bay and Sanya Bay. People who have visited the beaches opine that the sea is beautiful and warm, the beach has nice white sand and the waters are crystal clear. A day trip to the Wuzhizhou Coral Island is also highly exciting matter.

  • Visiting Buddhist Temple at Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Park–You are sure to be stunned by the striking gold and white Buddhist statue of the goddess Guanyin at the Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Park. The statue is 108 meters high and it is believed that it is taller than the Statue of Liberty. Buddhist monks are seen to be praying in the park in front of the statue.

  • Enjoy adventure activities in Hainan Island–It is quite interesting to note that travelers and tourists visiting Hainan Island can enjoy various kinds of adventure activities. Try climbing the waterfall in the Yanuo Tropical Rain Forest Resort. You can try hiking through the forest and zip-lining through the canopy too. You can also see wild monkeys and hike the mountain at Luhuitou Park. Stunning view of the city can be obtained from over the mountains. Special caution should however be taken of the monkeys in the place as they are pretty notorious. Another thing you can do is to walk on the suspension bridge at Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park. You can also try zip-lining at the venue.

  • Enjoying delectable cuisine at night market–Generally Sanya is a very quiet city, but at night time it transforms into a lively place with energy and excitement. Street markets and shops occupy the streets in Sanya. Along with enjoying the most delectable local cuisine in the market, you can also shop for clothes as well as various kinds of souvenirs. The night market in Sanya is a special attraction of the place.

Though visiting Hainan Island will not need a visa, visiting other places in China will need a visa. Apply for Chinese visa after understanding China visa requirements and get your China travel visain the most convenient, hassle-free manner.