Amazing Car Rental Experience in Cork

 Located along the banks of the River Lee in the south of Ireland, Cork is the third largest city in the country with a population of more than 125,000 people. The city was initially composed of
numerous islands whose residents traveled on boats via several canals. Considering Cork’s past as a primeval settlement and its contemporary history rooted in the Irish countrywide restoration, going for car rental in Cork is anamazing way to begin your tour through Ireland.

Though Cork is enormously large based on the country’s standards, the city is fairly small and
certainly maneuverable by car. A great point to note as a driver in Ireland isthe fact that unlike the United States and Canada, here vehicles drive on the left side of the road. The city is undeniably an amazing destination to drive a rental car asyou drive in a more phlegmatic atmosphere as compared to cities suchas Dublin or other rural roads.

Driving in Cork will definitely be a new experience owing to the city’s road system and the extensive country roads on the way out of the city. The countryside roads are narrow, run through attractive fields, and have an astounding wildlife. So, as you’re driving through the rural Cork, pay close attention to the animals crossing the roads.

And while you enjoy the gorgeous meadows that surround Cork’s countryside, don’t miss a number of attractions that can make your car rental experience in Cork unforgettable.

Cork City Gaol

As a result of overcrowding in the city’s prison in the 19th century, the British authorities built the Gaol which was later converted into an all-female prison that housed repeat offenders who committed petty crimes. The Cork City Gaol is located outside the busy part of the Cork city just 10 minutes away with your rental car. The prison is particularly significant to the Civil War of Ireland, owing to a scenario where several female soldiers that defied the Accord and who were set to be hangedescaped from the penitentiary in a manner that was never determined.

The Lough Park

Situated not far fromthe city, Lough Park gets its name from a lake which is next to the park. The shallow freshwater lake is home to a number of inherent wildlife and roaming birds. The lough relies on underwater springs and has a minor landmass in the middle where the migrating birds nest throughout the year. The park is certainly an attraction for any traveler who wishes to take a walk along theamazing limestone lake. The southwestern side of the park has an amazing barand restaurant that sells great food and drinks and has an elevated view of theLough. Its proximity to the city center makes hiring a car in Cork advisable.

Elizabeth Fort

The Fort, erected inthe 17th century right in the center of the city, was originally used as a defensive wall put up by the English to keep off the defiant Irishmen. The Fort was later in the 1720’s converted to a prison and an army barracks. The prison was greatly utilized during the Independence War of Ireland, but was unfortunately set on flames during the Irish Civil War. The Fort can be visited seasonally or during exceptional events such as festivals and concerts.

In a nutshell, Cork is an amazing city for driving owing to the amazing road network and attractive meadows in the countryside. The city has a hoard of attractions to visit most of which are within the driving distance from the city. The favorable driving atmosphere makes car rental in Cork an amazing idea.