Activities to Try in Adventure Resorts near Mumbai

In Mumbai, there are various things to try where you can have fun with family and friends. Numerous adventure resorts near mumbai are also popping up where you can visit and have a fun and memorable weekend. It’ll help you relax and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Things you can do at an adventure resort

There are a host of activities to try when you visit adventure resorts. For example, test your strength with super-fun outdoor games. You can also meditate and concentrate indoor or amidst the natural greenery of the resorts that you miss so much residing in the city.

  • Whitewater rafting

It’s one of the most exciting water sports. However, there’s no need of being afraid or think it’s unsafe for you to participate. It is true that the sport needs a lot of mental and physical strength. But, there are always trained supervisors to train and guide you. Hence, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

  • Crossing the Burma Bridge

This is a challenging activity that requires courage and concentration. Crossing this rope bridge is a thrilling and exciting experience that you’ll enjoy.

  • Rock climbing

Many adventure resorts near mumbai have rock climbing as a sport. It necessitates a lot of physical strength. Both physically fit men and women enrol themselves to enjoy this challenging game of sport.

  • Paintball

It is a competitive and fun shooting team sport where players have to shoot their opponents. They do it with an air weapon called a paintball marker that is filled with paint pellets.

  • Raft building

Raft building is a great team game that needs planning and coordination. You have to build a raft with logs, tubes, ropes or other materials.

When corporate companies take their employees for trips, this is one common activity they try their hands on. It strengthens understanding and synchronisation among team members.

  • Yoga

Unlike the other activities which require a lot of strength, yoga will help calm your mind and body. Every resort has certified yoga trainers; a morning session of yoga with them will refresh your mind. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy the day even more now.

  • Zoomering

It’s a fun sport where you have to climb vertical ropes with the help of the zoomar. That’s an instrument that aids the climbing and stops you from slipping downwards.

  • Mountain biking

Bike riding in the rocky Western Ghat is enthralling and exciting. Even though it requires physical and reflex agility, these activities get conducted under trained and experienced riders’ supervision.

There are various other activities to try as well. It includes Jet Ski, flying fox, etc.

Hence, you can try these activities and have a super-fun weekend with friends and family in adventure resorts near mumbai. These outdoor sports help to develop team spirit. Also, visiting these resorts will bring you closer to nature.

Other than participating in these activities, you can also spend leisure time with your friends and loved ones in a peaceful and tranquil surrounding.

Thus, don’t miss out on the fun because of your busy schedule at the workplace. Take your family on an adventurous weekend!