A guide for visiting Bangkok’s temples

The towns that are characterized by their sympathy are a magnet for tourists. Thailand is known – as well as the Venice of the East, by its channels – as the Land of Smiles. Its approximately 9 million inhabitants are kind, friendly and proud of their land, their customs and culture. Crossed by the Chao Phraya River, its channel and a large network of canals bangkok is hard to forget. Between the high density of population and land traffic, boats / taxis help to avoid traffic collapses, as an alternative means of transport. The skytrain (subway) and the subway (underground subway) are also good options for getting around the city. But for privacy reason, we suggest you to rent a car in Bangkok.

City of temples

Among the bustling streets of this city, and especially on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, there are approximately 400 temples impossible to cover in a tourist visit. But some of them are a must to begin to understand the cultural richness of this city.

The Great Royal Palace was the seat of the kings from the eighteenth century until the middle of the last century. Within the set of buildings, there is a small representation of an icon of the country: the Emerald Buddha, barely 45 centimeters, but which is the most venerated image.

Next to the Great Royal Palace is another one of the safety pins, the Wat Pho (reclining Buddha), 46 meters long by 15 meters high, a place that must be entered without shoes. The other fundamental Buddha is the Golden (Wat Traimit), one of the most famous for the sculpture of five tons of solid gold, the largest in the world. The Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) is worth seeing at night for its bright lighting, one of the most emblematic postcards of Bangkok. In the afternoon, the golden color of Wat Saket temple is a marvel to appreciate, despite the physical sacrifice of climbing its 138 steps. Exploring the old city of Bangkok by car is something to recommend. It reminded us of our experience when exploring Panama with car hire in Panama.