5 Amazing Places in Raja Ampat That You Will Remember for Life

Wonderful Indonesia

The group of islands is Amazing Places in Raja Ampat in Indonesia’s West Papua, next to the very Distant Papua New Guinea. Here are just five magnificent sights that you could see in Raja Ampat that you’ll remember for life:

01 | Pasir Timbul

Imagine a beach that only exists for a few hours per day! To make things better, it isn’t one beach but a couple of distinct ones. Technically, these are sand spots that emerge from the ocean when the tide is low. Different sandbars connect these patches, and the result is magnificent. Luckily, this place isn’t on any top 10 beaches of the planet lists and was empty whenever we visited it.

02 | Pianemo Viewpoint

Pianemo point of view is probably the most famous place in Raja Ampat and is utilized as a cover image for most travel brochures. The point of perspective, in reality, is even better than the images, particularly if you visit it when the sky is clear. If you’re visiting, do wear comfortable shoes because you’ve to climb up the cliff to reach the top. There are two viewing platforms on top from where you see a stunning perspective of bluish green water and rocks emerging from it.

03 | Underwater Life

Irrespective of where you’ve snorkeled or scuba dived, the underwater life in Raja Ampat is sure to charm you. It is not only the selection but additionally the density. In the long run, Raja Ampat is part of Earth’s Coral Triangle that has the most diverse marine life on the planet. I didn’t scuba dive but even while snorkeling, I made to spot a few Nemo households, angelfish, parrotfish, and lionfish to mention a couple.

04 | Birdwatching and Sunrise in Sawinggrai Village

What makes a tropics island even more special? Birds of paradise! In Raja Ampat’s Sawinggrai Village, you can spot the red birds of paradise. You’ll believe that you’re a part of one of the episodes of Planet Earth as you see their elaborate mating dance. Oh and by the way, Sawinggrai Village is very beautiful, and you shouldn’t miss the sunrise here. Depending upon the weather, the birdwatching and sunrise timeslots can clash, but you may revisit Sawinggrai Village to watch the sunset. This island village also has a couple of homestays, and you may live here for a couple of days.

05 | Individuals and Landscape of Arborek Village

Imagine a little island village with a population of just 200 individuals and 50% of them gather together to welcome you. From that half, a number of them even sing and dance for you in their beautiful handmade costumes. Yes, this is welcome that we received at Arborek Village and couldn’t help shedding a tear out as I saw little children singing and dancing for us. To make things better, this village is unbelievably pretty with a long strip of uninterrupted beach.