4 Basic Guest Etiquettes to Follow While Staying in a Hotel

Travellers tend to expect many things from a hotel, including cleanliness, good and attentive staff, comfortable stay etc. Most of the good hotels like Auberge Le Pomerol provide all that and are courteous and patient to accommodate even the most finicky guests. While hotels play their part perfectly, some the guests also need to be responsible to get acquainted and follow some basic guest etiquettes.

Here are 4 basic guest etiquettes that one must follow while staying in a hotel.

Respect the Vibes of the Place

You are not the only person staying at the hotel. There are other guests too and you need to respect their presence. When in public places like a hotel lobby, pool or restaurant, be mindful of those around you. If you are travelling with a baby, leave the public area if the kid tends to be cranky or is crying.

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Smartphones have penetrated to a big percentage of the population, but not many people are aware of the mobile phone usage etiquettes, especially in a hotel. Most of the people speak on their phone loudly unmindful of the fact that they are disturbing the others in the vicinity. It is always recommended that you put your phone on a vibrate mode when in public areas. Answer only if it is urgently required and then too find a quiet spot and talk softly.

Don’t Escalate the Issue Unnecessarily

If some goof-up happens during your stay for whatever reason, first try to speak to the concerned person to get it resolved rather than creating a scene. If the person is not keen on resolving, then you should move up the ladder.

Follow ‘Quiet Hours’ Schedule

You may have come with a bunch of friends to enjoy your vacations, but that doesn’t mean that you can play loud music in your room during quiet hours, which are normally between 10 pm to 7 am. You need to understand that there are people staying in rooms adjacent to yours who might like to sleep. So, follow some etiquettes and keep the volume low if you want to party in your room at night. The fellow guests should not be disturbed.

Be polite, smiling and have a positive attitude towards the others – both the fellow guests and the hotel staff. These basic etiquettes and manners will always make you loved and welcomed.