3 Qualities that Make You a Good Dive Buddy

Palawan has been consistently hailed as one of the world’s most beautiful islands. Boasting of crystal-clear water and pristine shores, it comes as no surprise that many people around the globe flock to see the beauty of this paradise. Because of its unparalleled waters, both locals and tourists alike find swimming and diving in its depths to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Allways Dive will help you find your dive adventure.

Aside from the unobstructed views from down under, Palawan is also considered a sanctuary for most marine animals. With more than 120 species of coral, 800 species of fish and 1,700 crustaceans and nudibranchs, the marine life in this part of the world can be considered flourishing. In fact, one can see a plethora of reef fish, including parrotfish, clownfish, grouper, barracuda and many others. Occasionally, one can even encounter a green sea turtle. Perhaps the abundance of marine life seems inviting to various divers, which is why they come and see for themselves the inhabitants and the world these creatures live in.

Interested parties are often advised to get certified in the art of scuba diving. This allows them to practice safe dives and reduce the overall risk for serious accidents. Likewise, getting certified means being able to properly react in surprising situations. Since not everyone can keep their cool when presented with challenging circumstances, having a buddy with you is imperative at all times.

If you are keen on spending your time with another diving enthusiast or simply accompanying your group in their next excursion, here are some qualities you should take note of:

Excellent Communicator

One of the most vital characteristics you or your buddy should possess is being excellent communicator. Going beyond giving hand signals, they should know how to properly relay and receive a message even without signal. This means that they should know how to read your facial expressions and recognise your bodily reactions.

Focus and Presence of Mind

Another important quality that a diver buddy should possess is the ability to focus on their activity. This means having an awareness of their surroundings. They should have the right knowledge about the equipment they are using, the people they are with and the type of environment they are currently in.

As a trusted partner, one of their major responsibilities is being able to correct the level of buoyancy. This helps other divers within the party avoid falling into precious coral and marine habitats.

Calm Demeanour

Being in the open waters presents many risks. In fact, there are many dangers that lie ahead, such as shark attacks, malfunctioning equipment and many others. In these conditions, it is essential to have a partner who will always keep a cool and level head. This way, they can react calmly and effectively follow the protocol even under stress.

If you think you have what it takes to be a good diving buddy, don’t hesitate to make the trip to Palawan today and visit Sangat Island Dive Resort. Don’t forget to keep these characteristics in mind and you will surely have the grandest time of your life.

Author: Carrie Sze