10 places that will bring you closer to nature and wildlife

How tired are you from your daily life? Are you trying to find a way to vent out of your busy schedule? You might be in the state of planning for the most awaited trip to visit the wild beasts and forests and still cannot decide where to go or maybe you have just missed on a few places to cover for your travelogue. Travelling and visiting new sites is an opportunity for everyone because with that you can just explore. You can get to enjoy various traditions, culture, food and feeding a lion on a safari. It gives you a wholesome experience with the sheer greatness of every place you visit. How about you start by looking at these exciting options to take you into the wild? To get great offers and deals on travelling packages, try discounts from HotOzCoupons.

1)    The Bush elephant of South Africa – Yes, we are talking about The Madikwe Game reserve the home of the red elephants. These elephants cover themselves in red clay and seen in herds as they wrestle and play. They are among the beautiful beasts of Africa. You can find them from the Mateya Safari Lodge too. This spot can be interesting if you are planning to visit.

2)     Ecuador’s Giant Tortoise-The Galapagos island in the distance of 500 miles is a well-known spot for biological evolution. These giant tortoises are the most abundant species of tortoise in the world. You can find these tortoises around on the island in part of the Santa Cruz et Reserva El Chato.

3)    Migratory Beasts in Kenya and Tanzania – These undomesticated beasts migrate between The Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. This is a great sight to see because one can see wild buffaloes and Zebras.

4)    The Lions of Tanzania and Botswana – Tanzania is a beautiful country when it comes to wildlife and Botswana fall along. It could be pretty normal for you to see lions at the National park, people doing that already but imagine staying at a remote homestay from where you can drive the forest roads, be into the wilderness and that can be the best way to encounter these lions.

5)    Rhinos Of Africa – Rhinos are already an endangered breed of animals, and they are rare to fall under your vision. There are two kinds of Rhinos found in Africa – The white Rhino and The Black Rhino and they are found in the Sabi Sand game reserve and The Phinda Private game reserve.

6)    The Lizard island – The Lizard Island in Australia that falls around the Barrier reef is one of the most heavenly places to be in whether you want to go snorkelling or just underwater diving to feel the ocean surface. Marine plants and animals are a magnificent sight such as dolphins and coloured fishes. If you are into underwater photography, this is a great place to be.

7)    The Sukaurainforest of Borneo – These forests are in Malaysia and well known for its usual habitats of species of the world – from Orangutans to bearded pigs these forests are home to the rare kinds that you will not see unless you visit them. More than 200 species of birds can also be seen around the rainforest such as the Hooded Pitta, Buffy fish owl, Brahminy kite.

8)    Polar Bear of Manitoba – Manitoba is a place in Canada that serves as home for polar bears. The polar bears are already among the endangered animals of Canada. The west Hudson Bay coast of Canada is where you will find these polar bears. There are lodges you can go and live in to meet with these bears.

9)    Ranthambore National Park – Madhya Pradesh in India still preserves a lot of India’s wildlife and is located in the central part of the country. You can go and take a good look at the famously Known Royal Bengal Tiger. These beasts are almost at an extinct stage and considered the second largest breed of Tigers after the Siberian tigers. You may stroll down at the forests and see these beauties but do not forget to take a guide with you.

These are some of the most exciting places in my opinion; so be prepared for the best of experiences when you visit these spots whether it be for the travelogue or if you are a photographer, these places will definitely make you feel amazing, cause it’s the call of the wild.