10 Most Beautiful Places In Vietnam

Home to a wide-ranging collection of cultural as well as historical attractions, Vietnam is certainly one of the most spellbinding countries in Asia. From exotic and dazzling sights to ancient tombs and temples, this captivating country is filled with endless beauty. There Is also a rising amount of tourists taking holidays to this alluring country andquot; drawn by a fascinating coastline and an inquisitiveness about this boldly independent country. So here is a comprehensive guide on places to visit in Vietnam from Roughguides.com.

Ba Vi National Park

Situated 58 km west of Hanoi, this parkis noted for its 3 peaked mountain that extends steeply into the sky. It Features a plethora of natural hot springs, forest trails, and slopes between mountain summits as well as a beautiful park that offers a wonderful escape from the city with natural backdrop of rainforest, clouds, and a wide array of wildlife.

Ghenh Da Dia

This wonderful gem is a naturally formed wonder from volcanic lava rocks which look like carved columns of varied heights. It appears as if it is designed by an artist centuries ago when the volcanic eruptions crashed with water and cooled down to form these exquisite naturally crafted sculptures.

Cat Ba Island

It is located on the southeast edge of HaLong Bay, an iconic bay of Vietnam, and is a frequent top choice for tourists. Dense jungles, clear waters, and immaculate beaches make this alluring island quite popular during high season. Thus, it is best to visit this island from June to August, when the crowds are low.

Mekong Delta

It consists of a plethora of rivers canals all flowing through the south of Vietnam. Also known as The River of the Nine Dragons, this river delta is lined with some of the most charming fish farms, riverside villages, rice plantations, and Buddhist shrine markets. This sight is wonderful for tourists looking to explore the ancient side of Ho Chi Minh City, including prominent villages like, My Tho and Ben Tre.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

This is a nature reserve which is the location of the biggest cave in the world, Son Dong, along with another 300 grottos and caves. Within the largest cave is a wonderful stalactite and stalactite formations as well as a long underground river which is 13 meters long. Some of the other significant caves in the park include,the Von cave system and Tien Son Cave.

The Bac Waterfall

Surrounded by rock pools, natural caves,and lush greenery, this enthralling waterfall is located 11 km west of Sapa Village. The 200 m tall waterfall is also called the Silver Falls, and the descending waters originate from the top of the Lo Sui Tong Mountain, appearing like a white dragon. Tourists can swim in the rock pools, hike through the forest, or just enjoy the serene surroundings.

Sa Pa

It is a town located close to Phang Xi Pang, which is the highest peak of Vietnam. This town is home to some of the native tribes who regularly offer bona fide homestays as well as guided tours of the brilliant landscapes surrounding the area. You can also visit the Sapa market that starts every Saturday evening.

The Nguyen Dynasty Tombs

These glorious tombs are spread out along the Perfume River and is one of the most attractive places to visit in this country. Some of the most captivating tombs include, Dong Kanh, Tu Doc, Khai Dinh, and Minh Mang.

Sand Dunes of Mui Ne

These are popular not only because of their scenic landscapes but also for their entertaining activities such as,quad-biking, kite flying, and sandboarding. The best time to visit it is either late afternoon or early in the morning as it can get quite hot during the day.

Son Tra Peninsula

It is situated close to Da Nang and includes crystal clear water, coral reefs underneath the sea surface, and forest covered mountains. It is also called the Monkey island and you can enjoy some of the most picturesque views from the mountain top, the clean beaches and turquoise sea below.

Vietnam is undoubtedly becoming one of the world’s top tourist destinations owing to its enchanting natural beauty. So if you ever have the opportunity to visit Vietnam, you must avail it and enjoy its enthralling natural attractions, the vast diversity of its ancient culture as well as the friendliness of the amazing Vietnamese people.